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A teenager was awarded for rescuing two children

Mogilev Regional Emergency Ministry Department awarded Dmitry Moroz with the diploma "For Courage and Bravery Revealed while Rescuing the Drowning Men" and memorable presents. Dmitry is a member of the Youth Public Organization of rescuers and firemen.

According to the information provided by the Propaganda and Education Centre of Mogilev Regional Emergency Ministry Department, a nine-year-form pupil Dmitry Moroz (secondary school 37, Mogilev) rescued two children in the middle of the summer. One hot summer day three pupils from secondary school 20 (Mogilev) were swimming in the pond not far from the village of Zatishie, Mogilev district. Suddenly the boys began to drown. Dmitry heard their cries for help. He ran up to the pond and began to take the boys from the water. Dmitry rescued ten-year-old Artyem and eleven-year-old Egor. Unfortunately thirteen-year-old Aleksey drowned.

Dmitry's bravery and courage are to be admired. On September,1 the headmaster of school 37 introduced Dmitry to the pupils, told about his bravery and awarded him with a stay at "Zubryonok" camp.

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