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Telephone subscribers from six towns of region catched in trap by “phone pirates”

Telephone subscribers from six towns of region became the victims of the so-called “phone pirates”, and have to pay about Br 200 000, Br1 100 000 or Br3 200 000 respectively for international calls they didn’t make.

“In February – March a number of unauthorized dial-up connections to Maldives, Liechtenstein, Somalia were made”, - Gennady Dobrinsky, the head of sales centre of RUE “Beltelecom”, told. – To protect oneself from such a fraud specialists recommend to have modems switched on, it will help you to be aware of being readdressed to international call by sound change. In case it happens, switch computer off the line. Besides, being subscribed to ADSL Internet line, you protect yourself from traps of “phone pirates”.

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