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Terms of entrance campaign has changed – A. Zshyk

First deputy minister of education Alexander Zshyk has informed of the changes in the terms of entrance campaign. The terms of applying documents registration, conducting and having centralized testing, and entering universities have shifted to several days on behalf of the Decree № 15 having set the end of academic school year on June, 1.

The terms for centralized testing in academic subjects have been set from June, 15 till July, 1 (July, 6 – is the back-up day). Military higher educational establishments register applying documents, conduct entrance exams and enroll to the course on July, 9 – 24; higher educational establishments under the Minister of Culture – on July, 9 – 28. The entrants who would pass entrance exams for studying at full-time, evening or correspondent courses successfully, have the opportunity to register applying documents till July, 27 (not July, 25) to apply to fee-paying tuition. Higher educational establishments of the second stream will comduct education campaign from July, 16 till August, 6.


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