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The terms of granting allotments in Belarus to simplify from May, 1.

The head of the country Alexander Lukashenko signed the Decree from February, 6, № 64 “On insertion of supplements and changes to some decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus on the question of building, confiscating, and granting allotments” – the Belarusian leader’s press-service reported.

The document aims at improving the regulation of order of confiscating and granting allotments, at further liberalisation of Belarusian economy, at fostering business activity of the subjects of management.

To reach the aims the decree cancels holding auctions when granting allotments to juridical persons and sole proprietors for building and maintaining the pieces of real estates designed to produce goods and service and do some kinds of work. The auction is to be hold to get allotments with the view to build filling station; the same is in the localities with the population of more than 50 000 people according to the list ratified by the Council of Ministers of Belarus agreed with the President.

The new terms granting allotments are to come into force from May, 1, 2009.


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