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Three-day visit of delegation from Kuyavо-Pomorsk province of Poland

The delegation from Kuyavо-Pomorsk province of Poland has arrived to Mogilev region within the frameworks of IV Belarusian-Pomorsk Economic Forum that is organised in the region for the first time. During a three-day visit the parties are to specify the aspects of co-operation in the economic sphere.

“We wish our co-operation to be more intensional, though certain progress has already been reached since the beginning of the year, - The head of the region Peter Rudnick told at today’s meeting with Vice-Marshal of Kuyavо-Pomorsk province Bartosh Novatsky. – We consider this co-operation to be one of the promising directions, as soon as foreign trade turnover of Mogilev region and Poland takes the second place after Germany, and increased 4 times for January, 2010”, - the governor stressed.

According to Peter Rudnick, culture, education, sports, and tourism co-operation is developing rapidly, and includes annual participation of Polish teams in International theatre youth forum “Marchcontact”, festival of children’s creative works “Golden bee”, and different arrangements of Dom Polsky in Mogilev. Besides, the Polish language is studied at regional kindergartens and schools, and there is a special department at Mogilev State University.

Peter Rudnick suggested the Polish delegation with certain directions to promote further contacts: production of straw pellets, biogas systems for agricultural organisations, exploitation of Tripoli deposits in the region. Bartosh Novatsky in his turn assured Mogilev region administration that co-operation between Mogilev region and Kuyavо-Pomorsk province will develop, as far as there are real opportunities for it.

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