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Three-fold increase in number of agritourism estates in Mogilev region

By 1 December, 220 agritourism estates were estimated in Mogilev region; it means three-fold increase in their number comparing to that of January 1, 2010, - the physical culture, sports and tourism department of Mogilev region executive committee informs.

Osipovichi district is among the leaders – there are 33 agritourism estates there; then Bykhov district (19 estates) and Mogilev district (15 estates) come. Besides, this year 5 agritourist centres were opened; two of them are in Kirovsk district, and Gorki, Glussk, Kostiukovichi districts each have one centre. «Dom Rybaka» (“A Fisherman’s House) Recreation Centre at “Rassvet” collective farm named after K.P. Orlovski is the one that enjoys the highest popularity.

Mogilev region administration pays much attention to developing agritourism. In each district there is a special committee (including representatives of Belagroprombank) that accept applications for being registered as an agritourism estate, and consider their effectiveness. This year specialized booklets, such as “Agricultural tourism in Mogilev region”, “Mogilev region: Agriecotourism”, and also a tourist map of all agricultural estates of Mogilev region have been published. Ecological museum in the open air is to be established in Mogilev region.

“The next step is to improve the quality of services provided, to promote development of festival movement, thus contributing to effectiveness of agricultural tourism and attracting more tourists into the region”, - the specialists from Mogilev region executive committee informed.

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