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Till 2016 about 7 SOS-projects are supposed to be realized in Mogilev region

Mogilev region has moved forward with its most important social project – “SOS-Children’s village in Mogilev”. The construction of the SOS-village has been completed. Within a short time period a comfortable charity centre appeared. 13 cozy cottages are ready to welcome 80 orphans and SOS-mothers.

One of the houses has already been inhabited by two brothers of 8 and 5 years old and their SOS-mom Lyudmila. Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, and Tom Malvet, SOS Kindredorf International Representative, Continental Director CEE\CIS\Baltics, have visited this family today.

“Last year we built a 500th village,” – Tom Malvet said. “SOS Kindredorf International is 60 years old. By now it is clear that housing construction is not enough. There is a necessity to develop and realize extra projects of preventive character.”

According to Tatiana Burova, a deputy director-general of the Public Organization “Belarusian fund SOS-Children’s Village”, there is a project to create a step parents’ school. Its purpose is to train step parents, to provide them with qualified advice, to help them in every day life.

There are also projects that are aimed at family strengthening, assisting large families and those who have to face life difficulties, assisting teenage-mothers and young mothers who want to leave their babies in the maternity hospitals or children’s homes.

“There is also a plan to create mobile social and education centers which will work with rural population mainly. Rural families and children haven’t enough recreational facilities, centers or clubs. Not all of them are able to get qualified social and psychological services,” - Tatiana Burova said.

Till 2016 about 7 SOS-projects are supposed to be realized in Mogilev region.

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