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Tourist bus driver injured in road accident in Gorki district died

A tourist bus driver (48 years old) that was injured in the road accident in Gorki district died on August 6; he never came to his senses, - Yury Zubov, acting as chief medical officer of Gorki district hospital, informs.

17 people were injured in the accident, 4 of them still have been in different hospitals, Yury Zubov added. The second driver was sent to Mogilev regional hospital, a 4-year girl – to Minsk hospital, two other people – to Gorki district hospital surgery.

The case has already been sent to investigation department of MIA of Mogilev regional executive committee, - Gorki district prosecutor Ivan Zhalevich told. The accused is still at hospital. At present expertises are being made, and witnesses and the injured are being interrogated.

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