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Two Citizens of Mogilev got in a traffic accident in the Crimea

Five citizens of Belarus including two people from Mogilev got in a traffic accident in the Crimea, news agencies inform.

The traffic accident took place in Simferopolski Region of the Crimea near the village оf Donskoe on Simferopol- Feodosia – Kerch high way.It was a collision of two automobiles - VAZ-2102 and "Mercedes-Sprinter".
The driver of Mercedes died right away. 21 persons with different injuries were taken to hospital. Afterwards one of them died.

At present the stationary department and the department of anesthesiology of the city and district hospitals keep a 41-year old woman and her 19-year old daughter from Vitebsk, as well as a couple from Mogilev. They are seriously injured. The state of health of another citizen from Vitebsk is satisfactory.

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