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Two events of next week – first half-year end and Republic of Belarus Independence Day

The next week is marked with two important events. First of all, as far as six months period is ending, regional enterprises are to make their best to fulfil indexes prognosed. Secondly, the major state holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus - is coming.

The two topics were discussed at the meeting of the chairman of Mogilev executive committee Peter Rudnick with chairmen of several district executive committees and heads of organisations. Some of the invited were criticised for their failure to carry out the tasks set by the governor at the beginning of the month (eg., Glussk, Kirovsk, Krasnopolye, Krugloye, Chaussy, Shklov hadn’t managed to pay 100% of salaries by June 24).

Besides, just several days are left for agricultural workers to prepare all harvesters for campaign coming.

The week agenda of the governor is full of events. Thus, he is meeting with managers of the Danish cheese-making company on June 28. Among the questions to discuss is starting a production line of elite cheese in Mogilev region.

That very day Peter Rudnick is taking part in video conference of the Republican organisational committee on holding the IVth All-Belarusian People’s Assembly – the forum that is to determine objectives for the next 5-year period.

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