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Mogilev Automobile Plant (MoAZ), an affiliate of the Belarusian Automobile Plant, has produced two experimental machines for underground works - a bus and a loader, Chief Engineer Mikhail Golushkov told Interfax. Currently the new machines undergo factory tests, the source reported.

An underground bus has a capacity of 17 passengers. The maximum speed of the machine is 35 km/h, the source informed.

The loader has a capacity of 9 tonnes.

This March the machines will undergo additional tests in Russia or Kazakhstan, where they will be operated underground for at least 2,000 service hours.

Mogilev Automobile Plant manufactures over 30 makes of vehicles for road construction and underground works. It manufactures scrapers, self-propelled rollers, all-wheel drive trucks, frontlifts, underground road-trains, dust-carts, chassis, etc.

Last year the enterprise made over BYR 5 billion worth of goods a month. Around 80% of the output is exported.

The plant was founded in 1935 to merge with BelAZ in 2003. MoAZ currently employs 2.7 thousand people.


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