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Two new memorials to put up in Mogilev to the 65th anniversary of Belarus liberation

Two new memorials are to put up in Mogilev to the 65th anniversary of Belarus liberation. The meeting of regional organizational committee on preparing and holding the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Mogilev region and Belarus liberation from German-fascist invaders took place in.

Valery Malashko, the deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee remarked, that much attention in the region is traditionally put to immortalizing the memory of Motherland defenders.

The project of “The Children of War” memorial has been created; it is being constructed at the expense of citizens’ donation. The monument is to be unveiled during the celebration of the anniversary. Two days ago the contest on creating the memorial sign to the patients of Mogilev regional mental hospital who died during the Great Patriotic War, finished. During the occupation of 1941-1942 hundreds of its patients were annihilated. The project has been financed by German government.

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