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UEFA headquarters to require 12 improvements of Mogilev stadium “Spartak” infrastructure

UEFA headquarters require 12 improvements to be made before play-off games starts at Mogilev stadium “Spartak”. By the way, the first match (Mogilev football club “Dneeper” vs Spanian football club Villarreal) takes place on August 26.

The director of Mogilev central sports complex Valery Chernov assured that all necessary improvements will be made. 200 – 300 fans and 70 – 100 vip-guests are expected to arrive.

Prices for tickets will be much higher than they were for matches of Europe League qualification rounds: Br 30, 000 to get tickets at the Western sector, and Br20, 000 for all other sectors (instead of Br10, 000), - Valery Chernov added.

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