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Unified Health Day dedicated to heart-diseases prophylaxis

Circulatory system diseases are still among the main reasons of death of Belarusian population. The death rate of cardiovascular system diseases counts for 52.6 % in 2008, - Olga Bartman, the head of the department of public health of the Republican centre of hygiene, epidemiology, and public health, informs.

Unified Health Day dedicated to heart-diseases prophylaxis is to take place in the republic today; it aims at informing the population about cardiovascular system diseases.

According to the health department of Mogilev regional executive committee, the death rate of the urban population increased by 3 % in 2008, mainly due to cardiovascular system diseases. At the same time the rate of natural death fell by 2.4 %, and the death rate of the rural population fell by 0.2 %. Circulatory system diseases count for 51.3 % among the reasons of death in 2008 (51% - in 2007). The death rate of cardiac infarction at hospitals decreased from 5.47% to 5.42 % in 2008.

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