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Unified informing day on “Bank deposits of the population” and “Protecting children from socially unreliable families”

Unified informing day is held on April, 16 in Mogilev region; the topics are “Preservation and increase of savings of the population – the most important task of the bank system of the Republic of Belarus” and “On the measures undertaken by state institutions in order to fulfill the terms of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 18 “On the additional measures of state protection of children from socially unreliable families””, - the correspondent of the site was told at the ideological department of Mogilev regional executive committee.

The central administrative board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in Mogilev region informs, that there are 31 banks in the Republic, 25 of them have the right to deposit financial resources of population. In Mogilev region 17 banking establishments carry on deposit operations. From the beginning of the year 2003, the volume of capital investments of natural persons in Mogilev region has seen tenfold increase. On January, 1, 2009 the average rate of savings per 1 citizen of Mogilev region accounted for BYR 1173 thousand ($534), that is compared to BYR 100 thousand ($52) in 2003.

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