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Urgent issues are in the centre of attention

Petr Rudnik began a new working week with reporting to the heads of the state. May, 17 at the video conference the governor of Mogilev region reported the results of the region’s development strategy. Today Petr Rudnik left for Minsk to hold a meeting with the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

At the video conference Sergey Sidorsky, the chief of Belarusian government, asked the questions dealing with the industrial growth of Mogilev region. At the beginning of 2010 the region got a target to reach the pre-crisis rate of industrial growth. Petr Rudnik reported about optimistic results of the first quarter of 2010. Industrial growth made 116%. Now the goal is to keep to the result.

The meeting with Alexander Lukashenko is devoted to the issues of cooperation between local authorities and individual farmers. Local authorities are to provide the farmers with all necessary assistance and care. At the same time the farmers are to provide high quality products. By the way, last week the session of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee discussed the question of farmsteads. In Minsk Petr Rudnik will also take part in the work of the National Organizational Committee coordinating the Fourth National Assembly.

Back to Mogilev the governor will control the work of fighting with hard rains consequences in Bobruisk. On Monday he put a target to handle the situation as soon as possible. It is also necessary to complete potato and corn sowing within three nearest days.

It will take Mogilev region a longer time to reach the level of salary of more than $200. Today 90 organizations of the region do not provide such salaries. Most of these enterprises represent the sectors of education (53 organizations) and agribusiness (23 organizations). The target of a 200-dollar salary is to be hit by June.

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