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В эстрадном блоке «Золотого шлягера - 2011» сделан упор на белорусских артистов

“Zolotoi Shlyager - 2011” is to focus on Belarusian pop singers, the information is provided by Anatoly Sinkovets, a chief of the Culture Office of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. He says, that living in Belarus we should stress the artistry of Belarusian performers and their best songs.

It took a long time to make a final decision. There were two options. The first one was to hold the festival in a format of usual concerts. The second one was to organize a serious culture event. But the decision was made in favour of the festival in spite of financial issues. The budget of the event is reasonable and totals Вr700 mln. 80-90% of the sum will return after tickets are sold. The price will vary from Br20,000 to Br200,000.

The festival is expected to be a great event in which famous performers will take part in – Renat Ibragimov, Eduard Khanok, Igor Nikolaev, Andrei Razin, Nikolai Skorikov, Yakov Naumenko, Nadezhda Mikulich, Alexander Solodukha, Irina Dorofeyeva, Inna Afanasyeva, and the bands “Pesnyary”, “DaVinchi”, “Vyerasy”.



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