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V. Litvinov: 1.4 mln tones of grain is planned to gather in Mogilev Region in 2009

1.4 mln tones of grain is planned to gather in Mogilev Region in 2009 - Valeriy Litvinov, the chairman of the committee of agriculture and foodstuff, told today at the extended meeting at the regional executive committee. The crop capacity planned is 42 centner per ha.

329.3 thousand hectares including 170.3 thousand ha of crops and legumes is to be sown in Mogilev region in 2009. The supply of seeds that has been made for the present day is sufficient. 55% of mineral fertilizers that stands for 108.9 thousand tones have been stored up for the sowing campaign in Mogilev region – remarked V. Litvinov. By February, 1, 2009 84 % of machinery and tractors is ready for the campaign. BYR 6,660 mln from the republican fund of support of producers of agricultural output, foodstuff, and agrarian science is spend for fixing and repairing the machinery.

The issue of fuel remains open. To carry out the complex of spring field-work in the year 2009 21 thousand tones of diesel fuel, 2.5 thousand tones of petrol and lubricants totaled in BYR 45.6 bln are needed. It is also planned to spend BYR 7.5 bln from the respective local funds. In case of need the money lacked is to be granted according to the project of the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus to its full extent.

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