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V. Shainikov: Mogilev is likely to become Republican “capital of gymnastics”

After Mogilev Gymnastics Palace starts operating the regional centre is likely to become Republican “capital of gymnastics”, - Victor Shainikov, a director of “Bagima” sports school of Olympic reserve for children and the youth, thinks.

According to V. Shainikov, the sports complex will lay the foundation of gymnasts, acrobats, jumpers’ training, and will also become the centre of sports and physical culture in Solomenka microdistrict.

Mogilev had been presented with a type plan of the construction by Zvenigorod city, but the plan was revised to satisfy facilities and needs we’ve got. It is the unique sports complex in all over the Republic.

In November the Palace will admit about 850 young sportsmen (gymnasts, acrobats, jumpers), who had to train at an old two-storied building in Leninskaya street (an architectural monument of the ХVIIIth c.). Besides, “Bagima” sports school had to rent three more gyms in different parts of the city.

The new sports complex will also welcome all fitness and aerobics lovers. The Palace has 2 sports gyms, a platform, three-level illumination, special places for journalists and cameramen, conference-hall.

There are shower rooms, cloakrooms, a sauna and educational centre, as well as swimming pools for children and adults, fitness hall, billiards and table-tennis halls in the Palace. Soon a café accepting 25 visitors will be opened.

“Both young sportsmen and their coaches liked a new sports arena. The official opening date is November 6”, - Victor Shainikov. By the way, the complex has already got its symbol – a sculpture of a girl-gymnast modelled from life.






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