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V. Vaschenko: Number of fires in region decreases

The number of fires in the region has been steadily going down starting from 2002, - the head of Mogilev regional department of MES Vladimir Vaschenko told at today’s sitting of the regional executive committee.

“In spite of the measures that have been taken, the problem of providing people’s security at fires hasn’t been decided yet, - Vladimir Vaschenko stressed. 308 fires happened in the region during January-March of 2010, i.e. 3% decrease compared to the corresponding period. 34 people died at fires, including 2 children”.

Considerable increase in number of fires has been registered in Krasnopolie, Khotimsk, Bobruisk, Krugloe, Mstislavl, Chaussy districts. The number of people’s deaths at fires increased four times in Shklov district and Bobruisk town, two times – in Klimovichi district, 100% increase – in Khotimsk district and 25% increase – in Bykhov district.

According to Vladimir Vaschenko, much more efforts must be taken to promote prevention of fires that happen due to people’s imprudence and alcohol abuse. This year the number of fires by the reason mentioned above has increased by 20%; 29 people (85%) of those died in fires were drunk, 11of them (32%) were unemployed.

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