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Veinyanski Rodnik LLC (Mogilev Region), a major Belarusian producer of soft beverages, is planning to expand the range of drinks with low alcohol content in May 2007, a company representative told Interfax.

In particular, the company is going to launch three new drinks - Dracula, Klyukovka and Kaperinya.

Currently, Veinyanski Rodnik offers 6 kinds of low alcohol drinks, including tequila-flavored Mexican Blues, lemon-flavored Iceberg and Lemon Blues, vanilla-and-cream-flavored Coffee Blues.

Drinks with a low alcohol content are sold in 0.5-litre, 1-litre and 2-litre bottles. These drinks make around 14% of the company's overall output, while mineral water accounts for 12%. The rest falls on alcohol-free carbonated drinks.

At the moment, Veinyanski Rodnik boasts a product range of around 40 beverages, including sulphate chloride Sosny mineral water with high content of Ca and Na, which is extracted from a unique 383-metre well.

The company is also producing the SPRINT non-alcohol beverage series (Cola Sprint, Sprint Lemon, Sprint Orange) and also beverages with a cranberry, orange, grapes, melon and apricot flavours. The latter series is called The Fruit Rain, in which beverages include natural juice and ascorbic acid.

They also produce sugar-free low-alcohol beverages (6% alcohol content) intended for people on a low-calorie diet.

Last year the company launched a third technological line to bottle mineral water and other drinks in 1-litre polyethylene bottles. The new line will help fully satisfy the growing demand for the company's produce.

The plant renews around 20% of its make annually.

The company exports about 12% of its beverages, mostly to Russia.

According to the source, in January-March 2007 the company turned out 708,000 decalitres of low-alcohol drinks (7.4% down), 7,700 decalitres of sweet alcohol-free beverages (40.8% up) and 406,000 decalitres of mineral water (80% down).

Veinyanski Rodnik is a trademark remarkable for the quality of water extracted from a 140 m deep artesian well.

A reliable natural filter and an advanced multiple purification system ensure exceptional quality, which meets the highest standards.

Veinyanski Rodnik was set up in 1994. The staff counts some 300 persons.

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