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Mobile Digital Communication Company (Velcom) makes extensive use of innovative technologies, says owner of the company Мobilkom Austria Group.

On behalf of Mobilkom Austria Group market and opinion research institute GfK studied usage and attitude patterns among mobile users in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Belarus. A total of 400 private and business users were surveyed in each country.

The use of mobile data services is of increasing importance: Internet access via mobile broadband is currently used most by private customers in Austria and Croatia. Serbian and Belarusian markets show the greatest potential. However, mobile services have less impact on private life than on business life, where even saturated markets have potential growth.

Responding to the growing importance of mobile communications in the countries of the Mobilkom Austria Group, all of the companies in the group place the highest value on innovation. "While Mobilkom Austria had highlights such as the world's first commercial NFC Services or A1 over IP, honoured with the GBT Innovation Award, the other companies have also introduced many innovations," says Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, CMO mobilkom austria and CMO Telekom Austria TA. "Examples include the UMTS test network in Minsk and Mogilev by MDC in Belarus".

The Mobilkom Austria Group is represented in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, including mobilkom austria in Austria, Vipnet in Croatia, Mobiltel in Bulgaria, Si.mobil in Slovenia, mobilkom liechtenstein in Liechtenstein, Vip mobile in Serbia, Vip operator in Macedonia and MDC in Belarus.

Mobile Digital Communications (MDC, VELCOMTM) was set up 1998. In August 1998, the company obtained a ten-year license to design, build, and exploit a GSM-900 national cellular communication network. In December 2002 the company was licensed for designing a GSM-1800 network.

On August 22 2007 the company was transformed into a foreign unitary enterprise. Today Mobile Digital Communications is an official representative of Globarstar in Belarus (VELCOM and PRIVET trade marks).


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