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Mobile Digital Communication Company (Velcom) is planning to test 3G network in Mogilev from May to July 2007, head of the company's technical department Alla Opariyenko told a news conference.

In her words, the company is going to attach 3G controllers to the existing base stations later this year.

Velcom pays much attention to further network development, the source stressed. At the moment Velcom communication is available in all Belarusian towns and cities. This year the company is planning to build 483 facilities, including 130 communication towers. As a result, Velcom network will cover 82% of the Belarusian territory that accommodates 95% of the population.

Opariyenko reported, that Velcom has concluded international GPRS roaming agreements with ten foreign cellular communication networks to launch the corresponding service in May 2007. International MMS will also be available in the near future, she added.

As formerly reported by Interfax, this year Velcom is planning to invest over $140 million in business development (50.5% up on the year).

Mobile Digital Communications Belarusian-Cypriot joint venture (MDC, VELCOMTM) was set up in July 1998 by Cypriot company SB-Telecom (49%), Belarusian Beltelecom Corporation (31%) and Beltechexport CJSC (20%). In August 1998, the company obtained a ten-year license to design, build, and exploit a GSM-900 national cellular communication network. In December 2002 the company was licensed for designing a GSM-1800 network.


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