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Victor Alshevsky offers his Belynichi native fellows to be the first to comprehend “Legends of Our Civilization”

On April, 24 the exhibition project “Legends of Our Civilization” by a famous Belarusian artist Victor Alshevsky begins. The project is dedicated to the Year of Native Land. The correspondent of the site learnt about it at the Culture Department of Mogilev Region Executive Committee.

The project is a synthesis of the world’s culture traditions and national culture heritage. It reflects a relationship between history and modern life, their ideas and values. The works by the artist show originality of Belarusian culture. There the ancient legends are colorfully painted; the greatness of the saved and reconstructed monuments of the world’s and national architecture and art is demonstrated.

“Legends of Our Civilization” collection includes 50 works that have been painted over the recent years.

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