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VII Belarusian-German meeting of twin cities to take place in Mogilev

VII Belarusian-German meeting of twin cities is to take place on 15-18 October in Mogilev. Among the founders of the conference are Mogilev city executive committee, Belarusian public organisation “Porodnennye goroda” (Cities Akin), Belarusian society of friendship and cultural contacts with foreign countries, as well as German fund “West-East Meetings”, and German society of friendship “West-East” from Berlin, - the correspondent of the site was told by the head of the department of international economic contacts, investments and business undertakings development of the economic management department of Mogilev city executive committee Victor Bogomazov.

The meeting is attended by delegations of 16 German cities, 18 Belarusian cities, as well as representatives of FRG Embassy in the Republic of Belarus, of MIA of the both countries, of German public organisations, and businessmen from Germany. City mayors, vice-mayors, burgomasters and oberburgomasters are also to take part at the meetings.

Mogilev has twin relationships with 16 German cities. It is also a twin city of Aizenakh and Vittenberg.

According to Victor Bogomazov, the participants of the meeting are to discuss the matters of interrelations between twin cities during the world economic crisis, as well as cultural, scientific, tourist issues, etc.

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