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“Villarreal” won the match against Mogilev Football Team “Dnepr”: 2:1

“Villarreal” won the match against Mogilev Football Team “Dnepr”: 2:1. The match took place in Mogilev. Mogilev football team had lost their chance to enter a group round of the European League in their first match with “Villarreal” in Spain (0:5). August, 26 Mogilev Stadium “Spartak” held a return match. Vladimir Yurchenko scored the first goal (the 19th minute of the game). But at the end of the first time Nilmar Honorato tied the score. Ruben Gracia Cani brought the victory to the Spanish football team.

A forward of “Dnepr” commented on the game with the Spaniards. “Though we lost the game we are happy. It was a worthy game. We could have a draw game, but Spanish football players scored the goal at the last minute of the game. It is rather disappointing. Our coach asked us to play our best though our victory chances were poor. We were not nervous during the game since we were playing in our native city. I couldn’t say the same about the match we had in Spain. A new country and strange surrounding, strong competitors made us worry. But anyway, we are happy to have had a chance to play with this strong team.” (Vladimir Yurchenko, quoted by goals.by).

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