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Water level in majority of Mogilev region's rivers is decreasing

Water level in the majority of Mogilev region's rivers is decreasing. The information was provided by the head of Mogilev region department of the MES Andrei Prozhogin during the extended session of Mogilev region executive committee.

There is no need to trouble about the current flood situation. Water level started to decrease due to lack of abundant rainfall and slow warming of water. Thus, the water level in the Druts, the Vikhra, the Zhivorezka has decreased by 50 cm, and in the Dnieper in Mogilev - by 6 cm during the last 24 hours. The water level in the Pronya has still remained high - 270 cm comparing with the dangerous level of 280 cm. Melt water has flooded the road bridge at Letyagi village (Slavgorod district). A part of the dirt road and the bridge are flooded during the Pronya's overflow every year. At present the water level makes up about 10 cm above the road and is going down. "There is nothing to worry about for local people, transport connection is organised by the loop road", Andrei Prozhogin told.

The Sozh is the only river where the water level is increasing per 2-3 cm a day. Still, it's far from the critical level. So far, the water level in the Sozh is 270 cm, while the critical one is 440 cm.

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