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Whole night in search of runaways

Yesterday, at about 6 p.m., three children - two pupils of second form and one pupil of forth form – left their home at Smolitsa village. At about 10 p.m. their parents got worried. 30 militiamen, 15 rescues and 30 locals were searching for runaways.

Today at about 7 a.m. militiamen saw the children, but they ran away. And only at 10 a.m. the runaways were found at Krasnitsa-2 village of Bykhov district: the children were hiding in an old house. The boys were sent to hospital for medical examination; then militiamen and a school psychologist talked to children. Their parents will be called to administrative account for parental neglect and failure in children’s upbringing. The possible fine may make up about 10 base units.

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