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Wi-Fi spread over all towns of Mogilev region

In February 2009 6 new Wi-Fi spots of “Beltelecom” service centres were installed in Bykhov, Glusk, Dribin, Khotimsk, Shklov and the “Osipovichi” hotel. The information is provided by the Service Promotion Department of Mogilev “Beltelecom” branch.

Now all district towns of Mogilev region have a Wi-Fi service. A modern wireless technology provides a possibility to use the Internet without being connected with an office or home.

The first Wi-Fi hot spots appeared in 2007 in Mogilev. Two years passed and a new technology became extremely popular with note-books users, mobile telephones and other equipment with an installed Wi-Fi system. Today Mogilev region has 52 hot spots, in Belarus the number of Wi-Fi spots totals over 350.

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