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Within the period of 2009-11 Mogilev Electrical Engineering College will train 100 specialists for Belarus Atomic Power Station

“Within the period of 2009-2011 Mogilev Vocational Training Electrical Engineering College will train 100 specialists to work for future Belarusian Atomic Power Station”,- the headmaster of the educational establishment, Vladimir Sergeev, said.

According to him, the college was the only one from special and vocational training educational establishments to be included in State Program of atomic power engineering staff training. Two student groups of future atomic power engineers began their studying course last year. This year the college is planning to accept 50 more students to major in two specialties: an electrical appliance repairing and service electrician and an electrical appliance repairing engineer-on-duty.

The educational establishment is provided with all necessary and constantly improving equipment to train such specialists. Last year BYR 600 mln was directed to these purposes. It is more then a half of all the non-budget funds of the college. Moreover, foremen and teachers of special disciplines will stazher at Balakhovsk Atomic Power Station, Saratov Region, Russia. “So, our aim is to create all necessary conditions to make staff training more corresponding to their future profession and modern requirements”, Vladimir Sergeev said.


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