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Within two years and a half over 200 children returned to their biological families

In Mogilev region within two years and a half the number of children coming from socially instable families decreased by 68%. Valery Malashko, the deputy head of Mogilev Region Executive Committee, told about it at the session of Regional Council of Delegates. The delegates discussed the achievements of the region in realizing the President's Decree "On extra measures of state protection of the children from socially unstable families".

Since the Decree was adopted 202 children have returned to their biological families. For some years these children were social orphans. The parents of 142 of them have restored their parental rights.

In 2008 in Mogilev region the number of children who got the status of an orphan decreased by 134 persons comparing with the year 2006. The number of children whose parents were deprived of their parental rights decreased by 45%. Compensations of the expenses to provide for children went up. Over 6 months of 2009 compensations made 45.8% while in the first half of 2008 the figure was 34%, and in 2007 - only 27%.

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