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Women soccer teams of Belgium and Austria to meet at Spartak (Mogilev) at 3 p.m.

The match between women soccer teams of Belgium and Austria will take place at Spartak stadium in Mogilev at 3 p.m., rather then 6 p.m. as it was announced earlier. The information is provided at the site of the Belarus Soccer Federation.

The decision was made by representatives of the Union of European Football Associations because of some trouble with electricity at Town stadium in Orsha. The match between Lithuania and Belarus will be played there.  And according to the regulations, the both matches should start at the same time.

Belarus has chances to take the second place in the group's rate; then it will be able to continue partaking in the championship. To make it happen, the Belarusian team must outplay the Lithuanian one and win four or more points. Besides, Belgium team must outplay Austria. 

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