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Belarusian-Austrian Glass Factory Yelizovo CJSC increased the output by 11.9% on the year in 2007 to a total of BYR 77 billion, a company representative told Interfax.

Over half of the output was exported. Russia accounted for 57% of the overall output, non-CIS states - 42%.

The source attributes the increase to the launch of new production facilities. In particular, last year Yelizovo Glass Factory commissioned two German glass-forming machines, each with the capacity of 150 million narrow-necked brown glass bottles per year. Besides, the company is almost through building a new glass furnace.

With new facilities installed, the company will be in a position to produce both colourless and brown glass tare, which is currently not produced in Belarus. The new produce is supplied to Krynitsa and Syabar breweries of Belarus.

Presently, the factory offers 30 kinds of glass jars with a capacity ranging from 0.16 to 3 litres. The produce is certified with ISO 9001 and HACCP. Newly-launched goods account for 29% of the output.

Part of the output is exported to Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Poland, Macedonia, Italy, Romania.

Yelizovo Glass Factory was founded in 1997 on the base of Oktyabr glass factory by the Canadian Consumers Packaging Inc., Belarusian Lada OMC Holding Company and Oktyabr glass factory. In June 2003, 65% of the shares that belonged to the Canadian enterprise were sold to the Austrian ATEC Company. Later the shares of other co-founders (35%) were bought out by the state.

Currently, the factory occupies around 1,000 people.



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