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Young athletes from Belarus and Russia will compete in the open tournament in Mogilev

The Sports Complex “Olympiets” started the open regional track and field athletics competition in memory of Vasily Eremin, the honoured coach of the BSSR, the master of sports of the USSR. The information is provided by Rita Ryltsova, the deputy headmaster of Mogilev Sports School №2.

Boys and girls born in 1995-96 from Belarus and Smolensk (Russia) are taking part in the competition. They will compete in individual event in racing and shot throwing. According to Rita Ryltsova, it is the tenth competition of the kind in Mogilev. This sport contest is final in winter athletics season. At the same time it is the beginning of spring sports competitions. April,7-9 Mogilev sportsmen will take part in the regional sports meeting among sports schools.

The winners of the open tournament in Mogilev will be awarded with medals and cups, diplomas and prizes, posters with the symbols of the competition and photos of famous sportsmen of Belarus.


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