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Z. Lomats: both administrative and criminal penalties to be imposed upon negligent officials

Due to some regional officials families having many children get support only on paper; they will be imposed upon both administrative and criminal penalties, - the chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus Zenon Lomats summed up the results of telephone conversation with citizens of Mogilev and the region.

Thus, there is no lift working and lighting in the yard of a new block of flats in Pysin street, though there are several families having many children there. Besides, owners of flats can’t get address registration and that’s why pay total cost for communal services.

The problems of general overhaul quality, work of communal services, gasification are still acute in the region. During 3 hours Zenon Lomats answered 42 calls, though there were 8,000 attempts registered to reach the chairman by phone. Problems in the sphere of communal services must be solved by specialists of city and district executive committees, - Zenon Lomats stressed.

In the nearest future the same actions will be held at large enterprises of the Republic.

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