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Zoo development program will be implemented in 2010

March,25 the participants of Mogilev Regional Administration's away-session discussed the tourism development program for 2006-2010. The session was held in Mogilev district.

The participants visited the culture and entertainment complex "Korchma", the health centre "Dubrovenka", the hunter's house in the village of Rusenka, agro-eco farm "Lyubuzh". According to the governor of the region Petr Rudnik, the targets haven't been fulfilled yet. "We have to use our potential in spite of the crisis," - he said.

The head of the regional administration suggested speeding up the Zoo development program. In Petr Rudnik's words, the tourism development targets must be fulfilled by 2010 instead of 2014. The construction of modern agro-eco villages on the basis of five farms, the museum of fish, tourism eco-route systems, new open-air cages for animals are to attract foreign tourists.

Zenon Lomat, the head of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus, pointed to the huge potential of Mogilev region in the sphere of tourism. "The region has got beautiful nature, unique historical monuments, nice architecture and culture heritage. At the same time there is still much to be done."

Little attention is paid to entrance tourism. Only 19 tourism agencies deal with entrance tourism while 35 ones are focused on exit tourism. So, in 2009 3.5 thousand foreigners visited Mogilev region and over 13 thousand people traveled on holidays abroad.

Hotel business is still to be developed. Only several hotels of Mogilev correspond to European standards. The districts of the region have no such hotels at all. The majority of district hotels do not provide normal accommodation.

There are problems, and that's why Petr Rudnik ordered to follow the program of tourism development. "There shouldn't be any excuses. We are to attract foreign investments, to use loan resources and improve our work in this sphere."

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