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Investment proposals


Investment Guide Mogilev Region

THE LIST OF INVESTMENT PROPOSALS of Mogilev Region companies, organisations

Project title Project goal Project cost, thousand US dollars Investment needed, thousand US dollars
1 2 3 4 5
Electrical energy 
3 Bonch-Bruevicha St., 212030 Mogilev
Phone (+375 222) 29 33 58
fax (+375 222) 29 34 81,
Е-mail: olga_polуакоvа@mogilev.energo.net.by
Е-mail: prishivalko@ mogilev.energo.net.by
1.The construction of Mogilev HPS on the river Dnieper
Enhance energy security of the Republic of Belarus
29 400 29 400
The construction of Shklovskaya HPS on the river Dnieper
Enhance energy security of the Republic of Belarus
28 000  28 000
Fuel briquettes from peat manufacturing
 Republic of Belarus
Mogilev region, 213910, Klichev,
56  Leninskaya St.,
Tel. (+375 2236)52968
organization of fuel briquettes from peat manufacturing in Klichev district, Mogilev region
building of a new enterprise and organization of briquettes from peat manufacturing. There are 142 peat deposits in Klichev district. The total area of peat deposits are 22894 ha
1 800 1 800
Chemical industry
Mogilevkhimvolokno OJSC
Belarus 212035, Mogilev – 35,
Tel. (+375 222) 48 74 12, 322089,
Fax (+375 222) 32 20 70, 32 21 53,
E-mail: mogilev@khimvolokno.by
1.Building of production line of polyester base for roofing material №2

Production organization of reinforced polyester base for roofing materials, durability growth





2. installation of continuous polycondensation of polyethyleneterephthalate with direct formation of polyester fibre and production of technical yarn Adopting up-to-date technology of polyethyleneterephthalate production from terephthalic acid 300 000 300 000
Petrochemical industry
Belshina OJSC
Republic of Belarus
213824, Mogilev region,
Bobruisk, Minskoye Shosse
tel. (+375 225) 44 92 07, tel./fax 44 91 66
e-mail: belshina@belshina.biz
1. The large-dimensioned plant. The Main Building. Modernization of the large-dimensioned plant.
Increase of volume and extension of assortment of wide-section agricultural tyres of radial construction with low unit pressure on soil for automotive energy loaded machinery from local and foreign producers
62 700 59 600
2. Setup of manufacture for all-metal cord (AMC) tyres of radial construction with bore diameter 57’’ and 63’’
Setup of manufacture for new generation quarry machinery tyres technically second to none of leading foreign producers and meeting the requirements of both automobile industry of the Republic of Belarus and those of mining and ore-dressing spheres of CIS countries, which use this kind of machinery
 180 500  148 600
Machine building and metal working

Republic of Belarus,
213822, Mogilev region,
Bobruisk, 5, Shinnaya St.
tel. (+375 225)43 59 17

fax (+375 225) 43 71 42
Modernization of production of undercarriage systems and transmission components of agricultural machines using the latest technologies
Creation of new highly efficient workplaces for increase in output and improvement of quality of undercarriage systems and transmission components of agricultural machines
6 400 3 500
OJSC “Bobruiskselmash”
Republic of Belarus,
213823, Mogilev region
Bobruisk,20 Ostrovskogo St.
tel. (+375 225) 47 46 01, fax 48 57 97
 Modernization of the enterprise with the purpose of mastering of manufacture of combined tillage and soil processing-sowing machines to energy intensive tractors of classes 5 and 6
Technical re-equipment main productions of the enterprise with implementing modern high-technology equipment. 1 900 1 500
Korolev str. 8, 212649 Mogilev,
Republic of Belarus
Phone: (+375 222) 26 43 50, 26 30 63,
Fax: (+375 222) 26 43 52,
Creation of manufacture of efficiency motors
Creation of manufacture of efficiency motors of European standards corresponding to requirements
3 000 2 400
Construction materials industry
OJSC “Chausy Ferroconcrete Goods Plant”
Republic of Belarus
213206, Mogilev region
Chausy, 5 Stroitelnaya St.,
tel. (+375 2242) 2 19 51
e-mail: zjbi@mail.ru
Reconstruction of the functioning production plant
An increase in the production outcome, enhancement of the competitiveness of the products
6 400 6 400
Light industry
Open Joint-Stock Company «Shklov Flax Factory»
Republic of Belarus
213010, Mogilev Region
Shklov, Lnozavodskaya St., 1
Tel. (+375 2239) 3 15 67, 3 22 32, Fax 3 24 07
1. Purchase and mounting the line for production of thermo-insulating blocks of short flax fibre Full utilization of short flax remains, development of new production. €4.0 mln. €4.0 mln.


2. Setup for the production of flax shove granules Organization of wastes recycling . €0.4 mln. €0.4 mln.
CJSC “Mogilev sewing firm “Vyasnyanka”
Republic of Belarus
212030, Mogilev, 91 Leninskaya St.,
tel. (+375 222) 25 03 08
tel/fax (+375 222) 31 06 25
Modernization of production
Production retooling with new high-technology equipment aiming to expand competitiveness of the products, expanding working efficiency
600 600
OJSC “Lenta”
Republic of Belarus
212030, Mogilev, 65 Cheluskincev St.,
tel. (+375 222) 31-02-67, 31-60-44,
tel/fax 22-80-44
e-mail: lenta@mogilev.by, http:www.lentabel.by
Organization of ribbon and shoulder strap tape production. Production of textile small wares for fabrics purpose 5 000 4 000
JSC "Bobruysktrikotazh" 
Republic of Belarus
Pervomayskaya St., 40,
tel. (+375 225) 52-97-11,
fax (+375 225) 52-77-97
Modernization of finishing production
Increase in release of a knitted cloth
1 700 1 200
Food industry

RUPE "Mogilevhlebprom"
Republic of Belarus   212030, Mogilev, 39 Kosmonavtov St., tel.(+375 222) 238082 fax 238084, e-mail: hlebprom@mogilev.by

Installation of combined production system for bread sticks of “grissini” type, bread rings of “taralli” type, cracker and cheese and potato snacks at manufacture 3 of Mogilev RUME “Mogilevhlebprom”
Setup of manufacture for new kinds of production
3 000 3 000
Mogilev Regional Executive Committee
Republic of Belarus,
212030,  Mogilev,
Pervomayskaya Str., 71
Phone (+ 375 222) 32 67 49, 32 67 27
Organization of production of sugar beet processing
Construction of a sugar factory with a capacity of sugar beet processing at least 10.000 tons per day in Chaussy district, Mogilev Region
350 million euro
350 million euro
Klichev District Executive Committee
Republic of Belarus
Mogilev region, 213910, Klichev,
56 Leninskaya St.,
Tel. (+375 2236) 52968
Organization of manufacture on pouring of mineral and potable water in Klichev district of Mogilev region. Building of a new enterprise and organization of manufacture on pouring of mineral and potable water. 5 900 5 900
Belynichskoe OJSC “Agroservis”
Republic of Belarus,
213051, Mogilev region,
Belynichi, 28 Daineko St.
tel/fax (+375 2232) 52 263
Organization of cars and trucks repair, purchasing of rolling stock for international transportation of goods, purchasing refrigerator-trucks of low load-carrying ability for internal transportation of foodstuffs. Volume gain in transportation of goods for organizations and population. 1 000 1 000
OJSC “Stroitel”
Republic of Belarus,
213410, Mogilev region
Gorki, 53 Mira St.
tel/fax (+375 2233) 5 27 64
e-mail: OAO_stroitel@mail.ru
Reconstruction of concrete mortar assembly unit. Upgrading of technological process, improvement of production quality. 1 200 1 200
Bobruisk Unitary Municipal Production Enterprise “Reinforced Concrete Production Integrated Plant”
Republic of Belarus,
213830 Mogilev Region
Bobruisk, St. Ordzhonikidze, 54
Tel./fax (+375 225) 43 27 74
Technical re-equipment of indusrial production. Replacement of technological equipment for new modern one. €10 mln. €10 mln.
MCMUE “Capital Development Administration”
Republic of Belarus,
212030, Mogilev, 29/1 Pervomayskaya St.
tel. (+375 222) 22-89-06
tel/fax 22-41-53
Building football hall on Yakubovskogo str. in Mogilev. Development of sport and relaxation. 72 000 70 000
Municipal housing services
Bobruisk Unitary Municipal Affiliated Production Enterprise “Vodokanal”
Republic of Belarus,
213826 Mogilev Region
Bobruisk, 2 Uritskogo St.
tel. (+375 225) 52 08 97
e-mail: vdkanal@inbox.ru
1.Construction of the bio-energetical complex at the sewage-purification facilities of Bobruisk. Receiving electrical energy from an alternative source – bio-gas from the town sewage-purification facilities
6 900
6 900
2. Construction of the wind-energetic complex at the 3rd water supply point of Bobruisk

Receiving electrical energy

1 000 1 000
Mogilev City Executive Committee  
28a Pervomaiskaya St.,
212030 Mogilev, Republic of Belarus,
Tel.: (+375‑222) 32-67-75, 22-29-93
1. Building of hotel Complex in Mogilev city
The aim of real project is to create hotel Complex in Mogilev city includes a number of functions of sporting, administrative and entertainment character. Plottage is more than 5 ha. 20 000 20 000
2. Building concert hall on Darvina street in Mogilev
The concert hall, with a view to the cultural and social events: concerts of classical music, festivals, evenings, all kinds of presentations, seminars from regional to international levels.
2 300 2 300
OJSC “Hotel Tourist”
Republic of Belarus
213827, Mogilev region,
Bobruisk, 20 Voikova St.
Tel. (+375 225) 49-31-86, tel/fax(+375 225) 49-20-01
Construction of SPA-center at Hotel “Tourist” in Bobruisk
Rendering of services for inhabitants
3 000 3 000
 Republic of Belarus
213245, Mogilev region, Slavgorod, Krasnoflotskaya St., 34
tel: +375 (2246) 26467, 24260
Hotel “Sozh” reconstruction with facade modernization and parking rebuilding
Making of hotel accommodation more comfortable
1 500 1 500
Republic of Belarus
213017, Mogilev region, Shklov district,
tel.: + 375 (2239) 3 57 39, 3 57 21
Construction of mushrooms growing and processing plant Organization of manufacture of mushrooms growing and processing in joint-stock company “Aleksandriyskoe” in Shklov district 10 000 10 000
Physical culture, sport and tourism
The Department of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism of Mogilev Region Administration
Belarus 212030, Mogilev , 27a,
Timiryazevskaya St.
Tel. (+375 222) 32 70 12
Fax (+375 222) 22 57 90
1.Construction of an all-year culture and recreation center in Mogilev . Construction of a center with a 20-25-metre-long swimming pool, attractions, a cafe (restaurant) and would be able to serve 300-400 visitors at a time. 7 000 7 000
2. Reconstruction of Bobruisk fortress Creation of a tourist attraction that would render a wide range of tourist services. 15 000 15 000
3. Organisation of waterway tours Alexandriya-Bykhov. Organisation of waterway tours, attraction of tourists. 1 000 1 000
4. Construction of an entertainment center near the Castle Hill in Mstislavl. Creation of a tourist attraction that would render a wide range of tourist services, tourist industry development. 7 000 7 000
Mogilev Region School of Young Athletes
Belarus 212030, Mogilev,
27a, Timiryazevskaya St.,
Tel. /Fax (+375 222) 28 73 69
Construction of a hippodrome, related tourist facilities.
Creation of an equestrian sport center in Mogilev.

8 000

8 000
Mogilev Free Economic Zone
Administration of Mogilev free economic area
Belarus, 212030, Mogilev, 63, Leninskaya St.,
Tel. (+375 222) 31 19 18
Fax.  31 15 81
e-mail: info@fezmogilev.by
Establishment of chemical products’ manufacturers in the territory of Mogilev FEZ within the frames of the chemical cluster The project’s aims at the development of the construction cluster on the basis of the existing production complex of Mogilev region and the city of Mogilev not less than €1 mln. not less than €1 mln.
Establishment of production in the territory of Mogilev FEZ within the frames of the forestry cluster The project’s aims at the development of the forestry cluster on the basis of the vertically integrated wood-processing complex being established in Mogilev FEZ. The complex will consist of 3 plants manufacturing chipboards, peeled veneer furniture components, cabinet furniture. not less than €1 mln. not less than €1 mln.
Organization of production of PET BCF yarns in Mogilev FEZ In the frames of the project it is planned to set up production of texturized PET BCF yarns in Mogilev FEZ is planned €2.5 mln. €2.5 mln.
Construction of an international transport and logistic center in the territory of Mogilev FEZ The purpose is aimed at construction of an international transport and logistic center that will provide complex logistic services for delivery, custom clearance and handling of goods, as well as associated services. not less than €1 mln. not less than €1 mln.
Organizing manufacturing of erosion control mats in Mogilev FEZ The project implies purchase of an automated line for manufacturing of erosion control mats from biodegradable materials. The project implementation will allow to establish a modern high-technology production using renewable natural resources, increase Belarusian exports abroad, create new work places. $1,3 mln $1,3 mln
Setting up a specialized foundry for production of railroad and large-size casting in Mogilev FEZ The purpose of the project is to supply high quality castings for railway vehicles and large-size steel castings to the Belarusian market. The quality should meet the one used in the world’s advanced machine engineering. $250 mln $250 mln

For more information, please contact the Department for Investments and Innovations of Mogilev Region Administration (+375 222) 32 68 01, 22 17 22

The Construction of multifunctional entertaining center (complex) in Logoisk district of Disneyland type

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