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“Blagodat” Farmstead

“Blagodat” Farmstead

 The farmstead is located in the village of Chechevichi, Bykhov District of Mogilev Region. It is located on the shore of the picturesque Chigirinskoye Reservoir of the Drut River.

 A comfortable cottage can host over 10 guests. A two-story bath house has comfortable bed-rooms for 2-3 persons. 

 The farmstead provides the following services: a Russian banya (a bath house), a sauna, a brazier, a summerhouse, fishing, swimming. Guest can arrange parties and various kinds of celebrations.

How to get to “Blagodat” Farmstead: Chichevichi village is located at the 52nd km along Bobruisk Highway. Take the first left turn after the bridge. The tenth cottage on the right side.


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