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“Odinnadtsaty Kordon” Farmstead

“Odinnadtsaty Kordon” Farmstead

A bi-level cottage (200 m) is located in a picturesque place, 24 km away from Krichev. The first floor has a kitchen, billiards, a banquet room, a dining room, a bathroom, a verandah. There is a cosy sitting room with a TVset, satellite TV, karaoke, comfortable furniture, three bedrooms on the second floor.


 The farmstead can host up to 10 guests staying overnight and up to 30 persons for a day stay. The yard is equipped with a fountain, a brazier, a summer kitchen. There is a forest full of berries and mushrooms in 500 m from the cottage. Other services available include swimming, fishing, bicycling, horse riding, walking, billiards, badminton, beach volleyball, a Russian banya, healthy food, excursions.

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