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“Otdykh+” (Rest+) farmsead

Situated not far from the forest, at the village outskirts. Asphalt road will bring you to the house. There are new, nice and cosy rooms in the guesthouse. The reception room with a fireplace in a modern style is a home from home, and has everything one may need to have a nice rest.

Different kinds of rest offered. Romance is ensured.

Your rest will be unforgettable! Our bath will please you! We have not only pine and birch bunches, but also exotic bamboo ones. Different masks for bath are available.


If you are going to prepare meals yourself, a separate kitchen is in your disposal.

 We offer our guests a wide range of home-made dishes, including those prepared in a traditional Russian stove: the Ukrainian borshch (beetroot soup), meat stewed with mushrooms, draniki (potatoes pancakes), Russian pancakes, etc. We also have a number of fish courses on the menu: fish soup, a stuffed pike, jellied carp, etc.

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