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“Peschany Bereg” Farmstead

“Peschany Bereg” Farmstead

A timbered cottage manually cut by Belarusian wood craftsmen overlooks the Chigirinskoye Reservoir. The cottage has five bedrooms. The kitchen has a fireplace, a stove to cook food in cast-iron pots, a kitchen set with a wash stand, a fridge, a dining table and chairs, a spacious balcony equipped with dining furniture. Bedrooms are provided with installed stoves, a bed, a wardrobe, a TV set, a bathroom with a toilet, a wash stand, a shower cabin (warm water).

 A guest of every room can use a boat standing on the shore of the lake. The territory of the farmstead keeps summerhouses for guests to fix shish kebab, hammocks and rocking chairs.

 There is a nature stream with drinking water. The landscape is decorated with flowers and exotic bushes.

 The shore is equipped with straw parasols, deck chairs, aqua slides, a volleyball net.A banquet room hosts 20 persons. There is a dance floor in a summerhouse with a terrace. It has a stove to cook national dishes. A bath (Russian banya) has a swimming pool and a massage table.

 Guests can take a horse ride along forest paths.

 The services provided by the farmstead also include:

  • Wind surfing
  • orientation,
  • pinball,
  • scooters,
  • aqua excursions to the isles of the Chigirinskoye Reservoir.


 Winter time is not less interesting: snowmobiles, fishing, hunting, skiing.

The farm keeps sheep, pigs, rabbits, turkeys, hens. Green houses grow tomatoes, cucumbers, onions.
The farmstead can host 30 guests.


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