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“Svisloch” Farmstead

“Svisloch” Farmstead

The farmstead is located 30 km away from Osipovichi Township and 39 km away from Bobruisk Township on the Svisloch embankments.

The cottage with three rooms is provided with all modern conveniences, a kitchen, a bathroom unit, a telephone, a stove bench, heating. The territory of the farmstead includes a summer house, Russian baths, a barbecue, a hearth, children’s and sports ground. The plot of land adjoining the cottage has a lot of flowers, trees, bushes (apple trees, peer trees, plum trees, cherry trees, apricot trees, black currants, gooseberries, dog roses, raspberries, strawberries). The farmstead arranges master classes in bushes cultivation. Gathering berries and mushrooms, fishing, boating, bicycling, roller skating are entertainments to enjoy at the farmstead.

The farmstead arranges the excursions:

- to Svisloch village,

- to the local archeological monuments,

- to the Jewish cemetery.


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