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BELSHINA JSC is one of the world’s largest tireproducers. The company’s product range is really wide. It develops, markets, and sells more than 300 sizes of tires for most applications: PCR, TBR, OTR, and tires for tractors and agricultural vehicles. The company cooperates with over 70 countries.

The Company includes Giant Tire Plant, OTR Tire Plant, Car&Truck Tire Plant, Mechanical Plant, other units that are necessary for the organization of production and marketing and social facilities

Modern technical level of the company’s equipment, qualified employees, modern science and technology, production based on high culture and organization contributes to delivering high quality tires.

Taking into consideration tire market condition and the latest achievements of tire industry, the company’s experts in technology and design are working hard to modify and expand the range of products, improve their quality.

Thanks to their reliability, durability and comfort Belarusian tires get high reputation of local and foreign customers. The main Belshina consumers are BelAZ, MAZ, MTZ, MZKT, Gomselmash, Amkodor and the Russian Company OOO “UK Group GAZ”.

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