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Establishment of public health "Mogilev Regional Children's Hospital"

Establishment of public health "Mogilev Regional Children's Hospital" is the first region’s specialized hpublic health establishment. It began its history in 1977. The hospital was initiated by Maria Ignatyevna Ageenko, chief pediatrician of the region in that time, and Ekaterina Abramovna Krolik, chief doctor of Mogilev city children’s hospital in that time. Their efforts resulted in the decision of Mogilev regional executive committee and the regional party committee to construct a diversified children’s hospital.

It took two years to construct a hospital at the expenses of subbotniks. In 1976 the decision was made to open the regional children’s hospital. The chief doctor of the hospital was appointed Ivan Vasilyevich Lesechko.

Today the hospital is the only one in the Mogilev region diversified specialized children's medical facility providing treatment and diagnostic and consultative medical care to 613 children of the Mogilev region. The establishment includes 14 specialized departments and the branch “Rehabilitation centre, a consultative polyclinic for 120 visits per shift.

Every year "Mogilev Regional Children's Hospital" provides inpatient treatment of more than 13 thousand children. Over 86 thousand children are provided with doctors’ consultancy service. 

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