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Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture, Gorki

The history of the Academy began in 1836 with the Decree of Emperor Nikolai I. In1837 under the guidance of the Italian architect Kampioni the construction of the education establishment began. August 15 1840 the opening ceremony of Gory-Goretskaya agriculture school was held. 400 people took part in the event. Only students were not present there. Being from very poor peasant families they were so poorly dressed that were not allowed to the ceremony.

In November 1948 according to the decision made by the Council of Ministers of the BSSR Belarusian agriculture Institute was renamed into Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture.

Over its history the academy has trained over 80,000 highly qualified specialists for the country's agriculture complex and other sectors of the national economy. Many of its graduates have become prominent statesmen, scientists, heads of large establishments, enterprises. They have made a great contribution to the development of Belarus’ national economy.

The Academy is proud of the fact that the first president of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko graduated from the BSAA.

Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture is a students’ settlement. The territory of the academy includes 16 education buildings, 13 dormitories, a library with a fund of over a million books, a canteen for 800 people.

About 15 thousand students study at 16 departments of full-time and part-time tuition. Learning process is constantly being improved. Today the academy trains specialists in 24 specialties and 16 specializations. In 2004 the academy began to train masters. Over 400 people willing to get a second higher education for a tuition fee are trained in 6 specialties at the Higher School of Agribusiness.

More than 600 teachers, including 52 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, about 300 Candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors work at 60 departments of the academy. The academy employs over two thousand people.

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