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Shklov Town Hall

 For the architecture history of Belarus the Shklov Town Hall is considered to be a unique object. There are not so many monuments of the kind survived in the country.

The Town Hall was built at the end of the XVII century as a part of architectural transformation of the settlement. For the first time Shklov got a project of its plan according to which the settlement was divided into regular areas. One of the areas was a market. It was the site from which Shklov began its reconstruction. A stone town hall in the shapes of classicism was built together with the mall. The Twon Hall had a composition typical for Belarusian architecture: a compact two-storeyed building with a high faceted tower with a spire in the centre. The spire was crowned with a flag. The walls of the tower were decorated with a clock whose striking was heard from a distance. A tower with a spire has been a symbol of self-governing since distant past. It has been dominating in a settlement’s development.

The Town Hall was sided with a one-storeyed mall that made a spacious rectangular yard. The size of the shopping stalls composing the mall was not very big (60Х70 m). 100 shopping stalls were located on a small patch. The shopping stalls architecture was represented by a long arcade. The Town Hall was decorated with strippilaster and bossage.


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