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Administration chief of Mogilev region executive committee Grigory Alexandrovich Voronin

Grigory Alexandrovich Voronin was born in 1970 in Brest City. He graduated from the Mogilev Teachers Training Institute named after A. Kuleshov where he majored in history. Grigory Voronin also graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus where his specialty was foreign policy and diplomacy.

Since December 2004 Grigory Alexandrovich Voronin has been a business manager of Mogilev regional executive committee. Before this appointment Grigory Voronin was a chief consultant of the chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee.

Grigory Voronin manages the questions of functioning of all structures of Mogilev regional executive committee, records management, economic and technical issues.

Reception phone number: 8-0222-46-87-21.

Grigory Alexandrovich Voronin administrates functioning of all structures of Mogilev regional executive committee to correspond the regional authorities’ regulations and order, supervises execution of the documents.

He is also in charge of:

  • functioning of structural divisions of the region’s authorities; activity of local executive and administrative bodies in the question of executing the law when dealing with appeals of citizens, juridical entities; fulfillment of the Regulation of the President of Belarus from December 27 2006 “About the measure for further de- bureaucratization of the state machinery”;
  • performing as a consultant, coordinator of the chairman of the regional executive committee, a coordinator of the deputy chairmen of the regional executive committee;
  • questions of cooperation and control execution, records and reports management;
  • issues of supervision over compliance with provisional expenses to maintain the region’s executive machinery which are estimated by the accounting department of the regional executive committee;
  • information, organization and economic, transport support;
  • issues of the state establishment “Dom Sovetov Administration”
  • issues of purchasing goods (services) at the expenses provided to maintain the regional authorities machinery.
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