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Most of the districts of Mogilev region specialise in meat and milk cattle breeding, pig breeding, potato and flax growing. Grain crops (rye, barley, oat, wheat) and forage crops are spreading. Fruit and vegetable growing is developed in the suburban areas.

Agricultural land makes up 51.2% of the territory, plough-land - 35.5%. Mogilev region contributes 16.7% to the national grain production, 12.8% - to the national potato production, it also produces 7.75% of flax fibre, about 16% of meat (live weight) and 12.6% of milk. Cattle-breeding produce makes up 52.3% of the gross agricultural product, plant growing produce - 47.7%.

Grain and forage crops prevail in plant growing. The area under crops in the region is 1,023 thousand hectares, grain and leguminous crops occupy 422.3 thousand hectares, technical crops - 8.6 hectares, including fibre flax (6.3 thousand hectares) and rape (1.6 thousand hectares). Potatoes take up 87.7 thousand hectares, forage crops - 457.2 thousand. Barley, rye, oat and wheat prevail among grain crops, fibre flax - among technical crops.

About 450 individual farms function in the region, occupying 14.7 thousand hectares of agricultural land, 12.1 thousand of which is arable land. 13.2% of all agricultural and 14.7% of arable land is in individual use (including individual farms). The private sector produces 85% of potatoes, 82% of vegetables, 94% of fruit ad berries. Milk and meat cattle breeding, pig breeding and poultry farming are also developed. Livestock amounts to 630 thousand cattle heads (including 250 thousand cows), 440 thousand pig heads, 20 thousand sheep and goat heads, about 5 million fowls.

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