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Andrei Kovalenko, the office of the head of administration of Oktyabrski district of Mogilev city

Nowadays a person in office is often told to be the one who does nothing, but giving orders. Actually such opinion is absolutely groundless and unjustified. Moreover, it’s often much more difficult to manage than to be managed.

On June 15, 2010 Andrei Kovalenko assumed the office of the head of administration of Oktyabrski district of Mogilev city. Now Andrei Kovalenko tells about the prospects and plans of district’s development for the nearest future.

- What are the first steps you have made after office assumption?

First of all I studied district’s main industrial enterprises and infrastructure to reveal its most urgent problems. Being a head means that you must consider different matters more carefully. Naturally, all problems can’t be solved at once or even in a year. But systematic actions must be undertaken, and informing people must become an integral part of work of executive power.

- What is the today’s social-economic situation in the district?

- On the whole it’s quite optimistic. In the first six months of the year indices of industrial production, energy saving, and export of goods and services were accomplished; the number of unprofitable enterprises decreased.


During January – June the district’s enterprises manufactured Br 1.3 trillion worth of commodities, i.e. 130.4% (out of 115.1% forecasted) comparing with the respective period of the previous year. Production of consumer goods made up 109.8% out of 110% forecasted. The amount of goods at warehouses reduced significantly – from Br 80 billion in February (that made 44% of output) till Br 64 billion in July (i.e. 27.8% of average monthly output).

The district cut down the number of unprofitable enterprises. By the beginning of 2010 there were 16 of them. Six months later the figure made 5. These enterprises are constantly worked with to achieve profitable activity. Export targets are hit by 168.4%, the target being 125.5%. A positive balance totaled $38.1 mln. An energy saving index made minus 30% (the target being minus 15%). A salary rate has not been achieved a little. Over the first half of the year it made Br1mln 34 thousand. The governor of the region ordered to keep “a hand control” over enterprises with a salary lower than $250. The number of such enterprises in the district is 13. These are not only state-financed enterprises. The problem of salary rise is constantly discussed with the heads of district enterprises. There is some improvement. I am sure a salary situation over 9 months of 2010 will be considerably improved.

- What are your priorities for the nearest future?

- First of all, the district must hit all the yearly economic targets including salary increase. 2010 is a final year of a five-year plan. One of the priorities is to improve housing and public utilities service. We hope that Sergey Yurevich, a new head of Oktyabrsky Housing and Public Utilities Section will make his contribution to it. Simple paper work will be changed by communication with people and prompt assistance in solving their urgent problems.

- What are the prospects of developing and finished grading of the territory of Oktyabrski district?

- Much attention is meant to be paid to complex finished grading of the territories of yards. Thus, original fairy tale design will be used to decorate some of them.

In the nearest future sport and children grounds will be built in Nepokorennyh boulevard, and wooden images of the Armenian couple will appear in the yards of №№10, 12, 18 blocks of flats in Ostrovskogo street. In September “a yard holiday” will be held in Gagarin street.


- In one of his recent speeches the governor of the region has noticed that “investment is good indicator” showing the level of trust both the region and the establishment enjoy…

- Numbers speak for themselves: during January-June of the current year, Br116.378 bln was invested into enterprises of the district (comparing to Br56.7 bln planned to be invested): Br32.1 bln was invested into enterprises of local executive and administrative subordination, and Br 24.6 bln – into enterprises not subject to local authority. Reconstruction of the carriage-building plant is the priority task; according to the President’s instruction it must have been finished by the end of the year. Besides, a hypermarket construction in Gagarin street of Oktyabrski district is also on the list of investment projects meant to be implemented in 2010; it will be financed by foreign investment.

- Thank you very much for the talk. Let your efforts, energy, enthusiasm, managerial skills and personal qualities help promote the prosperity of Oktyabrski district of Mogilev city.



Andrei Kovalenko was born on August 17, 1970 in Kaliningrad region, Bagration district, the Russian Federation. In 2001 he graduated from Gomel State Technical University named after P. Sukhoi, and in 2006 – from The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Andrei Kovalenko started his career as an inspector of technical control department of “Sputnik” Radio Plant (Molodechno town) and after having been promoted several times became a deputy director of housing and communal services department of Mogilev regional executive committee. In 2008 he was appointed the first deputy chairman of Bobruisk town executive committee. Since June 15, 2010 A. Kovalenko has been working as the head of administration of Oktyabrski district of Mogilev city. Married. Has a daughter.


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