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Athlete’s Paradise: Doing Sports in Mogilev

Mogilev Region has spawned many an outstanding athlete. Sportspeople raised in the land of Mogilev would scoop numerous awards and prizes first for the Soviet Union, then for the Republic of Belarus.

Local agencies concerned would do their utmost to facilitate prominent achievements of their compatriots on sports arenas, and prepare a proper replacement for the champions, who would choose to retire.

Today the Land-upon-Dnieper is booming with sport development. There is hardly a single sports squad in Belarus without representatives of Mogilev Region.

Besides, they are erecting European-quality sports facilities in Mogilev Region.

For instance, Olympiyets Sports Centre is one of Europe’s best arenas. The last few years have seen quite a number of sports centres springing up all over Mogilev Region: Mogilev Ice Palace, Roller Skiing Track, Roller-skate Rink, Extreme Park.

Mogilev also boats indoor tennis courts with a rehabilitation centre and a hotel complex.

The newly renovated swimming pool at Borbuisk Tyre Factory is a champion spawning ground for Belarus’ watersports squad. There are similar facilities in Osipovichi and Mstislavl.

In foreign lands Mogilev is known by the outstanding performance of OZAA basketball club, Druts-Belpak handball club, Technopribor volleyball team. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the world’s strongest rowing school is seated in Bobruisk, with a quite a bunch of world champions saying proudly: “I come from Bobruisk!”

The land of Mogilev traditionally hosts a series of international and domestic countrywide sporting events: Osipovichi Marathon with a 25-year history, Olympic Champion Svetlana Baitova’s Gymnastics Tournament, Tatyana Karpinskaya’s Table Tennis Tournament, USSR Hero Nikolai Kovalev’s Free-Style Wrestling Tournament, USSR Hero Orlovski’s Cycling Tournament.

The volleyball tournament sponsored by Mogilev Region Governor Boris Batura deserves a separate mention. They pay special attention to volleyball in Mogilev and it is not accidental by Mogilev’s Technopribor has been an invincible champion of Belarus.

Mogilev has been hosting Belarus’ first regular volleyball tournament since 1932.

They also take care to promote the sporting spirit in youth. Mogilev annually hosts Golden Puck Ice Hockey Tournament and Leather Ball Handball Contest, where future champions are there to be seen.

Facts and Figures:

  • Mogilev Region boasts 54 sports schools coaching students in 42 kinds of sports.
  • The total number of sports facilities stands at 3,709.
  • That includes 96 swimming pools, 6 indoor sports arenas, an ice palace, 34 stadiums, 192 indoor shooting grounds, 1,156 gyms.
  • There are 25 athletes preparing themselves for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
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